Everyone faces a complex Financial Life and struggle in this web in order to make a wise investment decision which can be life changing and hence one needs a trusted financial partner.



Your wealth is simply a tool that, when utilized correctly, can help ensure a quality life which could be full of good life experiences, things and opportunities that matter most to you. We are out here trying to break the jitters or taboo towards money management and bring financial literacy to one and all.

Founded way back in 2002, MoneyCare Financial Planning is one of India’s pioneering financial planning practices. Being one of the pioneers, we observed the long gap in the wealth management sector as to what the clients’ requirements were and what they were being offered.

To ensure the succession of our work, we have established a Private Limited company called DHN Capital Private Limited.

This company would endeavour to act as a parallel implementation arm for MoneyCare Financial Planning

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About Us

Founded way back in 2002, MoneyCare Financial Planning is one of India’s pioneering financial planning practices.

Being one of the pioneer’s, we observed the long gap in the wealth management sector as to what the client’s requirements were and what they were being offered.

We made an honest initiation to bridge this gap to portray the client’s perspective of the industry. We have brought awareness about the relevance of wealth management and provide prudent guidance in the investment journey of an investor.

We initiated the idea of developing a fiduciary relationship with the client. So, over a period of time we have witnessed the huge impact it has created and the changes it has brought in terms of support and transparency and thus were able to contribute to the industry in our own way.

Being a boutique firm, we have designed a holistic way of approaching the financial situations, to develop customized strategies covering all the aspects which might have an impact on the financial decisions for an investor.

Our Vision

To become client’s most trusted partner providing customised products and advisory services through our accelerated fintech platform enabling complete financial independence.

Our Mission

Our client centric advisory approach aims to provide reliable data backed AI powered solutions using proprietary and third-party products enhancing client returns.

Our Process

Identify Goals

Required ROI

Clients Risk Profile

Asset Allocation

Investment Product

Our Team

We have a good mix of C.A.s, C.F.P.s, Engineers, M.B.A.s and Graduates having 10+ years of experience in financial and management advisory.

Valued Benefits.


Plausible Benefits With Us

  • Knowing that your tax affairs are being dealt with efficiently and effectively
  • Not having to deal with the IRS
  • Unlimited access to our time and expertise
  • Having financial matters dealt with straight forwardly and without jargon
  • Knowing that there are no unexpected fee charges from us
  • Knowing you are of course going to achieve your objectives
  • Knowing how much income you will need in retirement
  • knowing whether or not you can afford a particular course of action
  • Knowing that the market is researched thoroughly and well on your behalf
  • Knowing whether you can afford to finance your desired lifestyle
  • Knowing that you can relax and not have to read the weekend financial press
  • Impartial and non-product driven advice
  • Having a trusted adviser
  • Our role as your facilitator
  • Time saving from outsourced chores compared with cost of own time
  • Extra leisure time achieved
  • Peace of mind
  • Security from proper insurance cover
  • To being business owner (value of business, peace of mind, leisure)

Founder Profile

Ms. Zankhana Shah (CA, CFPTM)

In 2002, MoneyCare Financial Planning was started by Ms. Zankhana Shah. But the journey of MCFP started long back with her, when Zankhana was qualified as a Chartered Account in the year 1997. Being a daughter of financial expert, Zankhana learned the art of managing finances right from her early days. Her passion towards the financial markets ultimately lead her to the destiny. Therefore, she chooses her profession as a financial advisor and started working in her father’s Stock broking Firm ‘J.J. Bhabhera Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd’ as a trader. Few years down the line, she qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) while MCFP was founded and Zankhana was one of the first female, who were a practicing financial planner with the qualification of CFP.

Throughout her journey, her work was applauded by various publications. Zankhana’s accomplishment was recognized by one of the most prestigious financial magazine – ‘OUTLOOK MONEY’ in the year 2005. She also has written for various publications such as Times of India, DNA, Economic Times, Financial Express, New Women and also for financial portals such as moneycontrol.com, idiva.com. Further, she is a member of the Capital Market Committee of Indian Merchant Chambers, one of the oldest and most respected business chambers in India and was also a faculty member to CFP® Education Providers.